The main mission of Pardis Hava Rayehe Company is offering modern designs of refinement and making air fragrant and making surfaces healthy. Producing quality products, using Iranian talents and exploitation of the New World technologies are of the company's core values. 

Atrine (Freshener solution, neutralizing unpleasant odors and disinfection of surfaces):

For the first time, a product is produced that can be called without exaggeration the most healthy air freshener. This product is based on water and does not have the disadvantages of gas Fresheners. Also it contains neutralizing unpleasant odor that is pleasant smell does not mix together to produce worse compound. 

Pakdam (air purification by new bipolar ionization method)

All metropolises of Iran suffer from this problem of the modern world. Many physical and mental disorders returns to air pollution in a way. One of the modern methods of air purification which is effective for almost all air pollutants is the bipolar ionization method. The researches done show the surprising performance of this method in reducing harmful microorganisms and dusts.

Afshana (aroma diffuser ):

There are different ways to continuously spread scent in large spaces such as heating scents, scent's surface evaporation, spreading via ultrasonic waves and ... . All of these methods are not fully effective or make changes in scent's formulation. The healthiest way to spread scent in large spaces is using the Venturi technology.

It should be noted that all the company's products are patented and have the confirmation of Iran and the world based on healthy and harmless performance.